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Momentum (I) - Copper Light Blue

Momentum (I) - Berlin 2023


I like to use 3D scanned objects that I bring back from my travels as raw material for my glass works. It's exciting to explore the environment you're in and look for objects that inspire you. 

For this series, I explored the city of Berlin to find inspiration for a new work. What I always appreciate in Berlin are the many parks and beautiful avenues with lots of trees.

So started to visit trees that are in places that I visited often in my childhood. Which are particularly old and imposing. Or had particularly striking structures and started playing around with them.

Sometimes I have to hesitate to leaves thinks how they are. It is easy to intervene and impose one's will on a thing. But I have the feeling that we loose a lot doing that. Some thinks need time to develop organically and questioning them to much sometimes end mostly having doubts. Go with the flow and let thinks go.


Finding the beauty in natural grown structures give me the opportunity to stop judging aesthetics or funktional aspects and concentrate on exploring my surroundings and focus on the process of glassmaking. 


Size: 15 x 15 x 21 cm (WxLxH)

Color: Copper Light Blue

Momentum (I) - Copper Light Blue

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