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Unity - Neutral Black

For this glass piece I made from 3D scans of sandstone structures that I brought back from a short climbing trip in Albarracin, Spain. ⁠


From this digital material I developed two positives that were positive and negative to each other and printed them form PLA.⁠ I made a silicone negative of both. Which allowed me to use leftover material to cast mold parts.The casted structures went into a frame, welded together from metal plates, got preheated and got blowed out with glass.⁠

At this point in my life in 2021 I could have done anything and not liked it.⁠ I put so much pressure on myself to do something special, something great, something new, that I ended up paralyzed.⁠


After keeping this vase hidden for so long, I decided to photograph it. ⁠Macro photography helps me forget everything around me. ⁠Even if I don't like the overall picture, this medium allows me to see my work from a new perspective.

Over time, I realized that this piece of glass is a symbol for me to move on and not think too much about my own artistic work.⁠

Unity - Neutral Black

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